Monday, April 7, 2008

So much to say, so little time

I've joined the world of bloggers! I feel like I've moved up to the 21st century! Actually I've recently started my jewelry design business and really trying to get it off the ground. I have a site on Etsy ( and I participate in craft shows. Etsy is an online marketplace similar to but everything on the site is either handmade, or supplies to use for handmade items.

I started making jewelry in Dec 2007. I had recently graduated from college and wanted a hobby. I thought it would be something fun to try so I bought some books, looked at some websites and bought a bunch of tools and supplies, including a laptop and digital camera (both used, of course). Now 3 months, (approx) 40 necklaces, 25 prs of earrings, 5 bracelets, 6 watches, 1 charm bracelet, and 1 eyeglasses chain later, I'm ready to rock and roll with this business. Sales on Etsy are slow, to say the least, but I understand I have to give it time to grow. I can do that.

In the meantime, I love to sit and design and plan and re-design and create new pieces and styles of jewelry. The final product is never the same as the product intended at the beginning. Jewelry pieces seem to have a mind of their own but I work "with" it and am always proud of the final result. I chose the name "Elegant by Design" because the feeling I want to communicate with my jewelry is a feeling of elegance and pampering when wearing my jewelry. I wear each of my pieces for at least a few hours before listing them for sale to make sure the workmanship is acceptable by my (perfectionist) standards. If not, I take it apart and start over. I'm learning new techniques, tips, and tricks all the time, and currently have a wide variety of styles to choose from. There is a slideshow at the bottom of this blog's main page with several of my pieces. I have many more I haven't photographed yet and will be adding in the next few days. I also love to do custom orders so if there is a particular special something you have in mind for yourself or someone else, please feel free to contact me, either here, or on my Etsy site.

Craft shows seem to be a good investment for up and coming artisans. I did my first show Thursday night with the Idaho Indie Street Team, a group of Idaho based Etsians, and didn't do too bad, considering I was tucked back in the corner of the back room. I made some awesome new friends, handed out a ton of homemade business cards, and sold a few things too. It was a great time, and I left exhausted, yet energized and look forward to my next show on 4/12, next Saturday in Eagle. go shopping! :)

Thanks for stopping by.

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